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I purchased a puretech water filtration system. It was not explained to me that as part of the purchase they would put a lien on my house.

thats right, a lien on my house to finance a home filtration system.

I have not even made the first payment yet, as it is due at the end of this month.

the product is not bad, its actually really good, but thier financing is the pits. The salesperson does not disclose this fact. Also castle Credit from 8430 w brynmar in chicago IL is the collection agency that I had to pay 150 bucks to in order to get something called a subordination so that I could refi my house.

It seems that they send thier brand new accounts directly to collection agencies in order to collect the payments.

I got the system in january 2010, and it is february.

Monetary Loss: $5600.

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